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Gallery of Finishes



Stucco - The versatility and durability of a steel reinforced masonry wall is the creative solution for many architects, contractors and homeowners. Three coat reinforced stucco is available in hand troweled finishes and in a spray stucco called Spatter. Different finishes and colors may be combined to complement any design scheme and can include textured stucco and brick, stucco and stone, stucco and rib-block. Keystones, and Quoins and border trim can be added to enhance any building.


Hardcoat Stucco

Hardcoat Stucco - The hardcoat Stucco System uses an acrylic topcoat over the cement base. Using the acrylic topcoat gives the opportunity to choose from many manufactured colors.

~After galvanized metal lathe is installed, the first coat is troweled on, called the Scratch Coat.

~The second coat of cement is applied evenly on the wall, and sponged into a smooth float finish. This is called the Brown Coat.

~At this point, detailed trim can be added to the walls. The trim is created from foam and installed around windows, doors, etc.

~The final Acrylic Stucco Finish is the color coat which is applied and floated to give a smooth finish.


Detailed Trim

Detailed Trim - Our Trim, created from foam and cement, is installed around the windows and doors. Standard or special ordered trim can be applied. The trim is covered with mesh then basecoated to any color desired. Special decorative items can be special ordered to be placed about windows or front entry way.


Stone (Cultured)

Stone - Stone patterns can provide a striking focal point in any design motif. It is available random cut with irregular shapes and sizes or square cut. A rough surface texture can be created as well as mixed tonings. We also apply real or cultured stone.



Brickote - Brickote is a three step application process that creates the look of real brick. A variety of colors are possible.

~ After galvanized metal lathe is installed, the first coat is troweled on, called the "Scratch Coat".

~The next coat applied is called the Mortar Joint Coat.

~The final coat is the finish color coat which is applied and textured. When the finish coat begins to set, joint lines are cut in to reveal the joint coat beneath the finish coat.

~Additional color can be added on top of the final coat to create a more realistic look - color can be spotted, rolled on with a brush ot some of the bricks.